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About Us

Creating solutions for the global maritime sector, CompassAir develops state of the art messaging and business application software designed to maximise ROI.

Through its shipping and shipbroking clients, ranging from recognised World leaders through to the smallest, most dynamic independent companies, CompassAir has a significant presence in the major maritime centres throughout Europe, the US and Asia.

Our flagship solution is designed to simplify collaboration for teams within and across continents, allowing access to group mailboxes at astounding speed using tools that remove the stress from handling thousands of emails a day.

CompassAir combines a powerful messaging platform with a comprehensive shipping database along with optional modules for Sale & Purchase, Dry Cargo and Tanker/Gas brokers when required.

Increased productivity is made available both inside and outside of the office using mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, enriching the user experience and providing easy access to all data on the go.

As our clients grow and new technology and processes come into play, we ensure that our regular software updates reflect the latest developments. Software is like any other investment – CompassAir will make sure you get a great return.

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Our software solutions are designed for the maritime professional who wants to combine enhanced decision making, time critical information management, user interface simplicity, high performance, mobility and advanced team collaboration.

They include:

  • integrated shipping databases for all ship types and sizes
  • very high volume and high performance messaging and collaboration software for shipping and shipbroking companies
  • shipbroking tools for ship sale and purchase and chartering
  • automated email parsing software for ship positions and cargo orders
  • web-based clients and mobile apps
  • data analysis consulting for maritime businesses
  • data transfer/conversion and process optimization
  • remote and on-the-job training for shipping professionals


We use a mix of technologies,  from server side .Net to client side Angular and from SQL Server databases to fast index stores and text analytics. The architecture of CompassAir enables flexible on-premise/cloud/hybrid deployments, always-on operation, unlimited and efficient data storage and drastically reduced maintenance and training.

By means of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, our software engines can read incoming emails and extract structured intelligence, such as open positions and cargo orders .

Over the years, we have forged close partnerships with established, high quality data vendors e.g., Microsoft for databases and development tools, IHS MarkIT for vessel technical and commercial data, MarineTraffic for AIS and vessel data, Netpas for port distances and more.

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maritime software


CompassAir software offers specialised solutions covering each of the various activities that take place within the shipping sector. Users in each of these sub sectors include shipping companies, Sale & Purchase Brokers (S&P/SnP) and Chartering Brokers operating in all sectors (Dry, Wet, Gas, Chemicals, Offshore), Ship Owners, Ship Managers and Ship Operators.

Our clients range in size from small offices to those with over one hundred employees, in structure from single locations to multiple international branches and in IT orientation, being either on premise or cloud.

Our client base continues to show strong growth and extends to over twenty countries around the world.

If you are new to shipping, or just want to find out more about this exciting and challenging sector, the CompassAir Shipping Guide might prove to be an interesting read.

For more information about CompassAir and its products go to: mycompassair.com